Monday, July 7, 2008

The Comeback Kids

Down by 2, last inning, haven't played for two weeks ... most teams would fold under such circumstances, but not the mighty Astros! With some clutch hitting, the Stargirls rallied to plate two runs in the bottom of the third tonight to tie the Mets, 3-3. The 'Stros have shown immense improvement at the plate lately, and our play in the field is getting better and better! In addition, the coach-appointed nicknames of individual girls are developing. We take on the Yankees at 6 on Wednesday, July 7th - watch out for Lightning, Laser, Bubbles, and the Big Hurt!

Feel the excitement in the clip below!

Post game revelry


epplimama said...

WOOHOO!!! The Astros ROCKED last night! Way to go, girls!

JuJuBee said...

WOW! That clip really captures the Astros energy! Good thing we can't hear the high pitched, ear-piercingly loud screaming!

JuJuBee said...
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